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As a member of the EBA you have access to the latest versions of our Magazine. All are in pdf format and available for download below.

Our Magazine: An Overview

All members used to receive Electric Boat, the only magazine in the UK produced solely to provide information to would-be electric boat owners and those who already have an electric craft. We are still hoping to produce more issues, as we haven’t published one for a while due to higher print costs and problems finding a new editor.

Free to EBA members, it contains a wealth of interesting articles and news of shows and rallies particularly relevant to electric boat enthusiasts.

Technical articles of interest to electric boaters and technical tips offering advice on boat maintenance form regular features of the magazine, together with information on new products and developments in the electric boating world.

Forthcoming events organised by the Association, or at which the EBA is represented, are also publicised  and social events to which members or enthusiasts are invited to participate are highlighted.

The Electric Boat magazine reports on the latest developments in the electric boating world.  Each issue contains news from home and abroad as well as coverage of the most recent boat shows.

If you would like more information about the Electric Boat Association, please contact the EBA Secretary.

Autumn 2019 Issue

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Spring 2017 issue:

  • Going Dutch
  • Lymm Packet
  • Solar Boats
  • Hybrid Narrowboat
  • Sea cleaning drone
  • Battery Tech
  • Ampere in Ireland

Summer 2016 issue:

  • Crick Boat Show
  • Electric Water Skiing
  • Gustave Trouvé Paris plaque
  • Solar Boats and Boating
  • Cruise Guide
    Thorpe Meadows to Peterborough
  • International Electric Boats
  • NB Ampere
  • Heritage boats – WS Sargeant
  • NB Olinda
  • Hawkesbury River cruise
  • Jet Inflatables
  • Solar catamaran
  • Venetian fuel cell boats

Spring 2016 issue:

  • Shows – Holland Dusseldorf Amsterdam
  • James Brindley 1716-1772
  • Hunt for Red October
  • Solar Boats and Boating
  • Cruise Guide Cookham to Marlow
  • International Electric Boats
  • Ouse Challenge
  • Heritage boats – Lady Charlotte
  • Kindle Fire 7 e-reader
  • Hamble cruise
  • Young Solar 2016 Challenge
  • Formula 1 solar
  • US Intra Coastal Waterway cruise

Summer 2015 issue:

  • Shows – Crick Beale Thames Trad
  • Magna Carta River Pageant
  • Ampere electric narrowboat
  • Solar Boats and Boating
  • Cruise Guide Bowness to Waterhead
  • International Electric Boats
  • Solarwave Yacht
  • Heritage boats – Gena
  • 3D Printing
  • Hybrid propulsion
  • New Boating Gear
  • Used Boats for Sale
  • Boating Calendar

Spring 2015 issue:

  • Electric Boat Spring 2015
  • Boat Shows London and Dusseldorf
  • Pleasure Boating on the Thames
  • Alfastreet Marine Energy 18 boat test
  • Solar Boats and Boating
  • Cruise Guide Great Ouse to Ely
  • International Electric Boats
  • Classic 15ft Electric Launch
  • Old Electricity
  • Jet Propelled Wakeboard
  • Battery technology
  • New Boating Gear
  • Used Boats for Sale
  • Boating Calendar

Winter 2014 issue:

  • Amsterdam, Stratford upon Avon,
    Southampton, shows and festivals
  • Electric Mini Ships
  • Wheelyboats
  • English Harbour Yacht 16 boat test
  • Solar boats and boating
  • Cruise guide Bridgwater and Taunton Canal
  • International news
  • Conversion of Ray Wright Delta Mark II
  • The 1902 Angler
  • Thames hydro-electric pontoon
  • New boating gear
  • Used boats for sale
  • Boating calendar

Summer 2014 issue:

  • Beale, Chester and Tiverton shows and festivals
  • New lithium and lead crystal batteries
  • Alfastreet Marine Energy 23c boat test
  • Solar boats and boating
  • Cruise guide Grand Western Canal
  • International news
  • Restoration of 1910 clinker canoe
  • Moritz Immisch early pioneer
  • Hydrogen boats
  • New boating gear
  • Electric surfboards
  • Used boats for sale
  • Boating calendar

Spring 2014 issue:

  • London, Dusseldorf and Fort Lauderdale Boat Shows
  • Hybrid Systems
  • Phoenix 21 boat test
  • Solar paddle boats
  • Solar cruising houseboat
  • Cruise guide River Thames Goring to Wallingford
  • International News
  • Electric Boat building at the Boat Building Academy
  • Lady Lena, the oldest electric powered boat in existence
  • Battery System Design Technical Paper
  • New boating gear
  • Wifi boats
  • Used electric powered boats for sale
  • Boating events 2014

Winter 2013 issue:

  • Thames Trad Boat Rally
  • IWA Waterways Festival
  • Southampton Boat Show
  • Plugboat 2013 World Electric and Hybrid Boat Summit
  • Reviewing the Otter 26 electric river launch
  • Going solar on the Leeds and Liverpool canal
  • Cruising Oxford to Godstow
  • International news
  • Restoring a River Stour Lighter
  • Researching the history of the Mary Gordon
  • Latest developments in electric powerboats
  • New boating gear
  • Used electric powered boats for sale
  • Boating events 2014

Summer 2013 issue:

  • Boat shows at Beale Park
  • Salhouse Broad
  • River Rother
  • Royal Thames Mansura Awards
  • Reviewing the Mystic electric cabin launch
  • Solar Boats and Boating
  • Solar narrowboat
  • Twenty five years of the EBA magazine
  • Cruising Bidford to Stratford upon Avon
  • International news
  • Torqeedos across Titicaca
  • Building an electric river launch
  • Researching the history of Esperanza
  • Charging station for electric boats
  • New boating gear
  • Used electric powered boats for sale
  • Summer boating events 2013

Spring 2013 issue:

  • Reporting on boat shows in London
  • Dusseldorf and Paris
  • The first high powered electric production outboard
  • Tracking solar powered sea robots
  • The latest electric boat and inland waterway news
  • Reviewing  a classic riverboat
  • Cruising a quiet backwater
  • Visiting electric boats around the world
  • Researching a famous old electric boat
  • Looking at new boating gear
  • Investigating offshore electric powerboat racing
  • Advertising used electric powered boats for sale
  • Noting boating events over the busy summer ahead.