Join The EBA

Thank you for your interest in joining The Electric Boat Association. We have 5 membership plans. 1 for private members and 4 for business members, fees vary as shown below.
  • Private membership £29
  • Business membership (1-5 people) £52
  • Business membership (6-10 people) £78
  • Business membership (11-20 people) £156 
  • Business membership (20+ people) £225 

To become a member, please click the Subscribe Button below and register on the EBA portal. This enables us to get all your details right so that we can let you know of any news or events. You’ll also be able to log into our virtual Club House. Here you’ll be able to touch base with like minded people, share ideas, get advice and even arrange your own local meetings. On or off the water. One last thing, please don’t forget to enter your ‘locality’ on the joining form  – see below.

What boating area are you in?

Finding friends locally

When you join the EBA you’ll meet people from all walks of life. Academics, trades men and women, accountants, conservationists, artists. But you’ll share one thing in common your love and fascination with electric boating in all its forms. 

To help you get to know people in your local area please enter your ‘Boating Area’ as described in the map opposite. There is a messaging service in the Clubhouse which will enable you to get in touch with each other.