Marlow 2nd May 2022. The River Thames is such a jewel of a river.  A group of six boats travelled
DCPower DCL48-100 LiFePO4 Battery Corby-based DC Battery Technologies dropped off one of their recently launched DCPower Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries
Aceleron Batteries Tim Knox and I recently (virtually) met with Bruce MacPherson of Acerelon to discuss their recently launched ‘Essential’
Boats and water are important but it was the sunshine that made this meeting special for me. The weather was
‘The Gussies’ honour 8 boats from 8 countries in 5 categories – from electric ferries to ocean-going yachts to recreational
NOMINATIONS OPEN FOR 2ND INTERNATIONAL ELECTRIC BOAT AWARDSFirst year’s awards featured 50 boats from 19 countries Nominations are now being
We are very close to having our own Club House, a place where we can get together chat, get technical
'My Electric Kayak' by Charles Mathys. An excellent article talking about efficiency, lithium batteries and an Arduino computer.
Imagine a voyage along England’s best-loved river, the Thames -but on SUNLIGHT,not diesel or petrol. No noise, no nasty emissions!
Bowman Bradley gives a well thought out presentation on sustainable propulsion on the inland waterways. A recording can be seen