The Solar Challenge Trophy was first established in 1997 and awarded that year to Malcolm Moss for his solar powered channel crossing. (See Challenges).

The Electric Boat Association currently awards three major trophies to EBA members: the St David’s Trophy, the Emsworth Trophy and the Julia Moss Trophy.

The St David’s Trophy

The St David’s Trophy was donated by Fiona, Dowager Countess of Arran, in memory of The Rt. Hon. The Viscount St. David’s. The silver cup is awarded for “significant advance in the field of electric boating”.The St David’s Trophy has been awarded to:

  • 1992 Eastern Electricity plc
  • 1994 Gillian Nahum
  • 1996 Edward Hawthorne
  • 1999 Phil Horsley, Emrhys and Linda Barrell
  • 2001 Cedric Lynch
  • 2003 Kevin Desmond
  • 2005 Henry Engelen
  • 2012 Sylvia Rutter
  • 2014 John Hustwick

The Emsworth Trophy

Rear-Admiral Percy Gick presented the Emsworth Trophy to the Association in commemoration of the 600 mile cruise the Admiral and Mrs Gick made in 1978 in their cruiser “Electra of Emsworth”. It is a great-crested grebe (the EBA symbol) in limewood exquisitely carved and painted by Captain John Powell of Emsworth.

The Emsworth Trophy is awarded to the EBA member whose boat completed the longest journey achieved during any consecutive four-month period in accordance with rules laid down and as determined by the committee.

It’s latest winner is EBA member Stephen Gull, University of Cambridge Professor of Physics and Astrophysics when he successfully completed the Ouse Challenge in his classic 1929 boat, “Siron” powered by a Lynch electric motor system. The photograph shows him at the helm at St Ives, Cambridgeshire on day two of the oour-day journey.

The Trophy was presented to Professor Gull at St. John’s College by Jeff Hide, the EBA Chairman.

The Emsworth Trophy has been awarded to:

  • 1988 Viscount St Davids in Silver Sail
  • 1989 Countess of Arran in An Stradag
  • 1990 Fraser Brown in Lucy
  • 1991 Paul Wagstaffe in Wagtail V
  • 1992 Hans and Betty Asyee in Ilse Femmiyje
  • 1993 Rupert Latham in a Frolic 21
  • 1994 Jack Henley in Cymba
  • 1995 Morton Ray in Electric Explorer
  • 1996 Derek Chamberlain, Paul Jackson in Legato and Wispa
  • 1997 Brian Pickess in Stima
  • 1998 The Leeson Family in Pike
  • 2000 Environment Agency launch Colne
  • 2002 Piers Erskine in Privateer
  • 2003 Paul and Ulrike Lynn in Solar Flair
  • 2008 Peter and Hilary Fletcher in Eglantine
  • 2009 Grant Johnston in slipper launch Hazel J.
  • 2015 Prof Stephen Gull

The Julia Moss Trophy

The Julia Moss Trophy is awarded for a significant contribution to the development of solar boating. This new trophy has been donated by Malcolm Moss in memory of his late wife Julia and is awarded specifically for solar cruises, innovations or achievements for solar powered electric boating.

The Julia Moss Trophy has been awarded to:

  • 2005 Les Fidler
  • 2006 Paul Lynn
  • 2007 David Williams
  • 2008 Tony Rymell
  • 2009 Rolf Schmidt
  • 2010 Adrian Dalziel
  • 2012 Nick Goldring
  • 2013 Kevin Desmond
  • 2015 Les Fidler

Mansura Perpetual Challenge Trophy

Mansura Perpetual Challenge Trophy, launched in February 2007, is for innovation in the design, development and operation of boats with hybrid or all electric propulsion systems.

The bronze trophy, depicting the tiller head of the 1912 hybrid motor yacht Mansura, was donated by Julian Delmar-Morgan, grandson of the yacht’s designer and owner, and David Barratt.

The Royal Thames Yacht Club is promoting and organising the international competition with the support of the RYA and Bosch Engineering. For further details visit:

The Simonds Trophy

This award is presented to the best electrically powered craft on show at The Thames Traditional Boat Rally which takes place annually in July at Fawley Meadows, Henley-on-Thames.

  • 2009 Adelaide owned by EBA members Jeff & Georgina Waterson.
  • 2010 Eddy Current owned by EBA members Ian and Sylvia Rutter.
  • 2012 Haida owned by Peter Brennan and Ted Street.
  • 2013 Lady Helen, restored by Henwood & Dean.
  • 2015 Lady Charlotte owned by Simon McMurtrie.

Heritage Cup

2015 Heritage Cup won by Adelaide, owned by Jeff and Georgina Waterson.